Tree Surgery in Crawley | Have You Looked at the Condition of Your Garden?

Our tree surgeons know just how much greenery means to residents in the Crawley area. With so much urban sprawl, people retreat to public parks and their gardens to escape from the pressures of daily life. This makes skilled work like tree surgery, hedge cutting, stump grinding and tree thinning more important than ever.


From fast-response felling to serving as your local fencing contractors, we get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible. Our team will only recommend the right action for you, be it stump grinding, seasonal hedge cutting or tree surgery like crown lifting or thinning.


So, how can you tell that your Crawley garden needs the aid of our experienced tree surgeons? Read on for just a few of the signs.


A Lack of Light and Neighbour Disputes


Overgrown trees can block the summer sun and leave your space feeling smaller as a result. This can affect nearby residents too, making it a matter of time before the complaints roll in. By speaking with our tree surgeons for crown thinning or reductions, you can enjoy more sunlight, appease the neighbours and improve the health of the tree itself.


An Unkempt Appearance


As NPTC-registered arborists and fencing contractors working in Crawley, we know a thing or two about maintaining green spaces. Hedge cutting keeps your hedgerows at an acceptable height (generally below two metres) and promotes healthy regrowth. Stumps might also leave the area looking shabby, especially if infestations or suckering begin to take hold. In such cases, we can remove the stump entirely by using the latest in stump grinding equipment.


Signs of Disease and Decay


Passionate about tree surgery, we’ve seen it all in and around the Crawley area. Diseases like Ash dieback can kill your most precious trees, and we do everything we can to protect the natural world. At times, it’s best to remove the damaged tree through directional felling or sectional dismantling.

In our role as tree surgery experts and fencing contractors, we perform a series of checks to ensure the best course of action. We even check for nesting birds before hedge cutting.


The Question of Safety


It’s hard to assess the condition of a tree at eye level. That’s why we often perform aerial inspections. Our tree surgeons can spot the signs of rot, which may lead to falling branches that pose a threat to your safety. A stump may also cause concern, serving as a tripping hazard. To remove this risk, speak with us for stump grinding in the Crawley area.


The best tree surgeons and fencing contractors in the business know to place safety above all, and that’s exactly our approach. From stump grinding in Crawley to hedge cutting in the nearby areas, our tree surgery service makes gardens and commercial spaces safe to enjoy.


For tree surgery in the Crawley area, call our time-served arborists on 01444 245855 or 07907 873766. Our team will restore your green space without delay.

J Salisbury Tree Surgery
NPTC Qualified
J Salisbury Tree Surgery
NPTC Qualified