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Tree Surgeons in Horsham
How Tree Surgery and Hedge Cutting Help Plants to Thrive

Plants and trees often hold a special place in the heart of home and landowners. It’s not surprising either, given their ability to host wildlife and create the right atmosphere. Our team understands that a particular tree or hedgerow could mean a great deal to you. For this reason, we aim to give our Horsham customers the best tree surgery service available, whether it involves an aerial inspection, stump grinding, planting or hedge cutting.

Our experienced tree surgeons also work as fencing contractors. As such, we have a vast knowledge of various plant species and will be thrilled to lend our skills to your Horsham landscape.

Below, we provide a few tree care tips worth considering. If you have any questions, feel free to ask about our services – from hedge cutting to stump grinding and beyond.


Regular Watering – A busy lifestyle makes it easy to forget to water your plants and trees. New trees demand frequent watering, so you may need to check their condition in the dry season. Try using a sprinkler or watering can attachment to provide an even spread that mimics rainfall.

Apply a Nutritious Diet – Time-served tree surgeons will tell you that fertilizer can make a big difference to the health of a plant. This gives your tree the nutrition it needs to grow, making up for a lack of natural, woodland materials.

Prune and Deadwood – Working across Horsham, our tree surgery experts often remove decaying branches, helping trees to live a disease-free life. Hedge cutting is also important, such as formative pruning in early spring or maintenance in the summer. We suggest you always rely on skilled arborists and fencing contractors to guarantee safe conditions.

Give Them Enough Space – All plants demand enough space in which to thrive. If you have a stump from a fallen tree, this represents dead space. Our stump grinding service will turn unwanted stumps into mulch – ideal for planting at a later date.

Look for Symptoms – Premature leaf yellowing, a change in colour to evergreen species and defoliation may signal a problem with your Horsham trees. The slow growth of a newer tree could also indicate an issue, in which case it may bear fruit to call the local tree surgeons.

Rely on the Experts – Tree surgery and hedge cutting teams have the know-how to care for your favourite tree properly. Using the right safety gear and pullies, we can perform a tree survey or aerial inspection. Other services include a crown reduction, thinning, lifting, felling and stump grinding.

With a reputation as tree surgeons and fencing contractors, J. Salisbury Tree Surgery undertakes the following work in Horsham:

  • Crown lifting, thinning and reductions
  • Hedge cutting and garden maintenance
  • Tree felling and sectional dismantling
  • Stump grinding to prevent infestations
  • Planting to suit your unique landscape
  • New timber fencing and repair work

Do your trees in Horsham need some professional care? Call our tree surgeons and fencing contractors on 01444 245855 or 07907 873766.


Telephone: 01444 245855
Mobile: 07907 873766